About us

If you like pizza, I think we can be friends.

We set up shop on Fore St in Exeter in 2017 and have been dishing up slices of handcrafted pizza ever since.  



Pietro, is the grand wizard and head chef and co-owner of The Flat team. Pietro trained as a pizza chef in north Italy and loves geeking out about flour & dough with anyone who shares his passion for creating the best pizza. It’s his enthusiasm for updating and tweaking our pizza recipes that means The Flat has such a unique and delicious menu.

Oli has a passion for vegan food so he is our starter and dessert specialist. If the vegan cheesecake tastes too good to be true, that’s down to Oli.

Front of house 

Chloe is our freestyle dance-master and probably one of the first faces you see when you walk through the door. A cosy spirit that will make you feel at home as you dive face-first into pizza. She simply can’t dough enough for you. 


Our friends