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If you'd like to book a table online click the image below 👇🏻 


Alternatively call us on 01392 459424 Wednesday  - Saturday between 4pm & 9pm 
We look forward to serving you pipping hot pizza's, good wine & delicious fizzy cocktails. 


More Reservation info

We do our best to accommodate all bookings but please be aware we are a small restaurant with only 7 tables so we advise you to book ahead of time to avoid any disappointment.  That said it’s always worth giving us a call as we do get occasional cancellations.  

Please note we no longer take bookings for parties over 6 people. 

FYI - We give each booking a minimum of 1.5 hours or 2 hours for groups of 4 or more (unless stated otherwise when making your booking).   We allow for a 15min grace time if you are running late after which we reserve the right to allocate the table to a new booking.  

We’d kindly ask if you have made a booking with us and you are not longer able to make it, to please tell us as soon as possible as we often have a waiting list of other guests who will fill your spot

Dogs are welcome in the restaurant as long as they are friendly & well socialised for busy places.  

We look forward to seeing you for pizza!